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National Roofing Week: Day 2!

Today is the second day of national roofing week! This week serves as a reminder that a roof is an important asset for any home or business structure and should not be taken for granted. The week celebrates all the roofing projects completed and the roofers who worked on them in order to keep your home and business safe and dry. 

In order to make sure your projects are completed, we have to make sure we are following all the proper safety standards that are set.

We follow two rules; 1. Safety is always first and 2. Never ever, ever cut a corner.  These two rules are always followed to ensure we are staying safe on the job while providing the best quality service to our clients.

We provide many opportunities for our roofers and staff to stay up to date on current safety standards. For example, we participate in many events held with our sister company such as OSHA training days. During these training days we get our employees OSHA certified and we have OSHA certified trainers who are available to answer questions about the roofing industry when needed.

We also recently took part in the National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls safety event which was another day that was organized to inform staff about ladder and fall safety. Malta Dynamics came to speak about the ABCD's of fall protection, demonstrate the proper way to wear a harness and provided a display of new equipment such as the Grabber. 

With these training days made available for our staff, we make sure that we are always going the extra mile to prevent any accidents and to make sure they are properly trained. Informed employees will be able to do their job more efficiently and safely. This is going above and beyond to keep our staff safe and a customers happy. 

We will continue to train our workers and keep them up to date with all safety procedures, training and preventative techniques. Safety is always first!  National roofing week celebrations continue tomorrow, check back for out next blog then!