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Signs Your Roof Could Be Leaking

With rain and storms there can be a higher likelihood of leaks in your roof.  Small leaks may not become obvious to a home or business owner right away. It is important to know what to look for in order to stop leaks before they become a bigger problem. 

buckled shingles

1.) Buckling or curling shingles:

Buckling shingles can be caused by an improper installation or from movement on the roof. Curling shingles can be caused by improper installation as well if they were not nailed down correctly or were improperly placed. It could also be caused from poor attic ventilation that does not allow excess moisture in the air to leave the attic properly. The moisture will get caught in the decking with will  eventually cause the shingles to curl. 

Both buckling and curling cause the shingles to pull up and expose a larger opening for rain to go underneath. This is a sure sign that a leak is likely to occur if it hasn't already.

2.) Damaged Flashing:

Flashing is the seal around roof vents, sunroofs, and chimneys that stops water from getting in between them and the shingles. Flashing can be damaged for many reasons and can be a prime area for water to leak in. You can read more about roof flashing on our previous blog post.     

missing shingles

3.) Missing Shingle(s)

Shingles can come lose and be blown or torn off roofs for a couple of different reasons. Either they were improperly nailed down, failed to seal with an interlocking shingle or just worn down from age. Either way, a missing shingle exposes the underlayment which can only protect the home temporarily until rain will begin to seep through. 

4.) Water stains and spots:

This is the most obvious of all the warning signs. When water makes its way through your roof,  it enters your attic where it will leave wet stains on the wood. Water can travel down the rafters and drip down onto the ceiling below. This can sometimes make it difficult to find where the leak originates. 

It is important to be proactive in the unfortunate circumstance that there is a leak to minimize the amount of damage caused. A roof leak can cause damage to the attic and any items stored there. It could also damage the interior ceiling causing dark spots and ceiling bubbles. In addition to physical damages, the wet wood can begin to mold and mildew which could spread throughout the homes structure. If unnoticed, mold spores may enter through vents and cause a homes inhabitants to become sick.

A small roof leak can be fixed with minimal, if any, damage if caught quick enough. If you noticed any of these issues on your roof, give us as call today!