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National Roofing Week: Day 3!

coates kid.jpg

We have officially reached the middle of the week and we feel it is time to share some positivity!  Today for National Roofing Week we are putting a focus on charitable projects. 

We believe it is important to be actively involved in our community and to make connections with the locals in our area. Without the people within our community, we would not have the support and the reputation we have today. 

Locally, recent projects included re-roofing a pavilion for a center for autism. We are very happy to assist with community projects and other things that benefit these local centers. 

We also sponsored an Elyria, little league baseball team so the kids could participate in the games for the season. This was a contribution we are happy to make in order to make sure our community is thriving! 

War Vet Museum front.png

Our sister company was able to help with the renovation of a local War Vet Museum in their area. They redid all the siding and roofing and made sure that the building was in good shape in order to continue to honor all our veterans. 

We will continue to donate our time and our service for the over all benefit of our community and we hope to inspire others to do the same. 

Kellie Daley