Three Tips to get your House Ready for your Residential Project from Coates Bros Roofing

April 14, 2022

So you’ve booked your residential project for a gutter replacement, or roof replacement (hopefully with the pros at Coates Bros!), now what? While you’re waiting for your contractor to come out to your home, there are things you can do to help make sure the project goes smoothly. Some of these tips can help ensure the safety of your family members, pets, and neighbors as well as our crews! Coates Bros always puts safety first, so here’s some tips we want to share:

1.      Make sure your driveway and yard are clear of vehicles, furniture or other items that could get in the way.

First and foremost, we want to keep your property protected. If you’re able to park vehicles in the garage, on the street, or anywhere out of the way, it helps to ensure accidents won’t happen that could damage your vehicle. The same goes for any lawn furniture, decorations or other items you have that sit close to your home. We do our best to make sure we maintain a tidy workspace, but if a shingle were to fall from the roof, we wouldn’t want it to hit something that it could damage. We also prefer not to maneuver around things when installing roofing materials or gutters, just to help ensure nothing is damaged and our crews don’t trip on anything while they’re working.

2.      Keep your pets inside in a safe place.

We would love to meet your fur babies before we start working or after the project is done! However, for their safety we ask customers to make sure their pets are inside where they’re safe and comfortable. We know that exterior contracting work can be stressful on pets, so we want to make sure they’re safe and sound while we work on your residential project. (p.s., we’d love it if the yard was also free of any “land mines” as well!)

3.      Be reachable, not only on the day of your residential project but before and after as well.

In our region, the weather is never fully predictable. If rain or snow is going to delay your project, we need to be able to tell you right away! We ask that customers keep their phones ready so we can reach you to update you on any changes. We also like to give you a heads up that we’re on our way! Plus, following up with our customers after a project helps us ensure that you’re happy with our work. We may call you a while after your residential project is completed to make sure everything is perfect!

These are just a few tips the experts at Coates Bros know can help us to help you with your residential project! If you’re ready to book a free estimate with us, visit or or call 440-322-1343 today!