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Home Maintenance: Checking Roof Flashing

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Spring is here and the weather is finally starting to show it! 

This is a great time of year because the weather is warming up and it means sunny days are ahead. After months of cold and snow, it is the first time in awhile that we are able to inspect and maintenance our roofs. 

It is important to know what to look for so you can spot any minor issues before they become a BIG issue. Most people know to check their shingles to see if they are in need of maintenance or replacement but often roof flashing are overlooked. 

Roof flashing is the metal pieces that surround your chimney, skylight, and vents.  These  areas can be the most vulnerable areas of your home because they can cause big issues if not sealed properly. Bad roof flashing can allow water intrusion into the home which creates excess moisture in the attic. This can result in mold, ruined drywall, ruined insulation or ruined wood. All problems we do not want to have! 

So, how do you know if the flashing on your roof is in need of maintenance? Look for cracks, warped metal and rust. The flashing should be snug against the shingles so if there appears to be a gap or if it is lifting off the roof, there is a chance water could be seeping in. In some cases, wind storms can cause flashing to be torn off completely. If you see this important piece of metal sitting in your yard, you should call a professional because it is of no use to you on the ground! 

A good looking roof is not just good for aesthetic reasons, it is the first defense against water and other elements. If it is well maintained, your home will stay safe and dry for a long time! Most roofing contractors do not replace chimney flashing, some do not even look and will simply work around it when called in for service. We pride ourselves in doing full roof maintenance and repair so your home will stay protected from the elements and stay safe for the lifetime of the roof! 

If you think your roof is in need of an inspection or repair, give us a call today! (440) 322-1343