Coates Bros Roofing explains the Importance of Commercial Roof Inspections

March 16, 2022

Regular roofing maintenance on any building makes a significant difference in the longevity of the roof. Commercial roofs are no different and should be professionally inspected regularly to ensure costly leaks, damage and other problems are addressed before they get worse. Coates Bros. sees many different instances of commercial roofing damage that could’ve been avoided with a proper inspection, so we wanted to share 3 reasons that emphasize the importance of these inspections as well as talk about the Roof Asset Management program offered here at Coates Bros!

1.       Damage left unrepaired can cause further damage.

If your commercial roofing materials are failing and aren’t fixed in a timely manner, further damage is likely to occur. Water can seep in through cracks, allow mold to grow and cause many other issues that will continue to weaken the roofing system over time. Eventually, you could be facing serious damage that will be impossible to ignore! Regular commercial roof inspections can help identify existing damage and prevent further damage.

2.       Excess damage can be more expensive to repair than the original problem.

Once the commercial roofing damage happens, it’s going to cost money to repair. As that damage gets worse, the cost to repair it does too! Like we said above, damage left untreated often leads to further damage. What started off as a small leak might have been easy to repair could develop a large leak with damage to more internal sections of your building, and those repairs will likely cost much more.

3.       Some symptoms of damage can be caught early enough to repair before any serious damage is done.

If your commercial roofing system is inspected regularly, a professional inspector will be able to pinpoint vulnerable areas of your roof before the damage is done. This is extremely important to save you time, money and protect any valuable assets you have inside your commercial building. If you have an office building, a roof leak could mean keeping people out of that office. This hurts your business! Let a professional roofing inspector catch these signs while they’re still small enough to be an easy fix.

Roof Asset Management

Here at Coates Bros Roofing, our commercial services include a specialized program called the Roof Asset Management Program. This program includes inspections and repairs with our commercial roofing department. It also allows the user to report, track and budget roofing work for repairs, maintenance, or replacement all on your smart phone. You can also report problems, track leaks and view photos of repairs right from your computer or mobile device.

Our Commercial Roofing Department is happy to answer any questions you may have about your commercial roof, siding, gutters or even insulation. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial roofing repair technicians, visit our website or call us 440-322-1343!